Use Cases

What can Evander do for you?

Security & Surveillance

By using Evander to secure and monitor your home, you can reduce or even remove the risk of a break-in happening to you. If you’ve left the house and forgotten to lock the door, Evander will automatically lock up for you.

Open Evander on your mobile phone, and set up actions to notify you immediately of a door or window opening. If you’re not home, Evander can automatically activate the siren, scaring away any would-be burglar. If you don’t want to activate the siren, you can discretely call the police.

You should also tell Evander to send you a photo and video when motion is detected outside your front door or near your windows. This way, you can immediately see who is on your property. If it is someone you don’t recognise, activate the siren and call the police. The images and videos that Evander has sent to you can be provided to police to help identify the burglar.

We recommend having a motion sensor at each entry point to your home. The motion sensors are battery powered, so you can easily place them in the interior and exterior of your home. Evander can then notify you of any motion activity in or around your home, and can activate lights to make it look like someone is home.

Prevent Fire & Water Damage

Pair your Evander Hub with smart smoke sensors, a flood sensor and a water valve controller.

Evander can immediately send you a push notification if smoke has been detected in your home, or if there has been a sudden increase in temperature.

Place a flood sensor under your kitchen sink, in the laundry, in the bathroom, and any other area prone to water exposure. If the flood sensor comes into contact with any water, you will be notified. This will allow you to quickly check on your home, because you will know the exact location the water is coming from. As a result, you can save your home from potential catastrophic water damage.

If you have paired a water valve controller to your hub, Evander can immediately terminate the water supply to your home when a flood sensor has come into contact with water. You can then resume water supply from your phone once you have confirmed that it is safe to do so.

Lighting Control

Energy & climate control is one of the best things about Evander. Start with the basics, like automatically turning lights off when you leave a room (or on, when you enter).

Create actions and tell Evander to turn the lights on at 7 am, when you wake up. Set the colour of the LED to bright white. As the day goes on, you want the colour to change to yellow, as the evening sets in. Evander can do that for you. You can do this, and much more, when you pair Evander with the Aeotec LED bulbs (or lighting controllers, if you’d prefer to keep your existing light bulbs – but then you won’t be able to change the colour of your lighting!).

One big plus when it comes to lighting control is the convenience it gives you. When you’re leaving the house, you can turn off all the lights instantly with one tap of a button on your smart phone, or key fob.

Climate Control

Don’t you hate it when you’re out shopping on a hot day, only to get home and find that you need to blast the air-con for a good hour to cool down? You don’t have to think about that anymore with Evander.

Pair an air-con controller to your hub, and you can turn the air conditioning on from your phone before you come home. Whether you’re out running errands or coming home from the airport, you will make good use of this feature.

You can also pair a Multi-Sensor along with your air-con controller, and tell Evander to automatically turn on (or off) your air conditioner when a certain temperature has been reached. Now you don’t have to worry about getting that huge electricity bill every quarter.