Fibaro Relay Switch


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The Fibaro Relay Switch allows you to control your existing lighting and appliances through the Evander app on your phone. It is an in-wall switch, and can easily be installed by a qualified electrician. After you pair the device to Evander, you can turn your existing lights on or off based on motion and room occupancy. You can also use it for appliances, although we recommend the Aeotec Smart Switch to be used with appliances, simply because it doesn’t require professional installation. If you require an in-wall installation though, then the Fibaro Relay Switch is for you.

It is available in two configurations. The single relay switch allows you to control one circuit (up to 2.5kW). The second configuration, the double relay switch, allows you to control 2 circuits with 1.5kW on each circuit. The device requires a 3-wire (including neutral) installation and works with AC (110-230V) or DC (24-60V) power supply.

If you do not want the hassle of getting a qualified electrician to install your relay switches, you can simply use the Aeotec LED Bulb. The bulb has wireless communication built-in, so all you need to do is remove your existing light bulb and fit your new one in. And for your appliances, you can use the Aeotec Smart Switch 6. Both of those devices are for users that don’t require an in-wall setup.

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