Aeotec Smart Switch 6



Smart sockets.

Plug it into any power outlet in your home and that outlet is instantly smarter. Smart Switch 6 is a smart plug that lets you wirelessly control whatever is plugged into it. You can do that via the Evander app on your phone. Now your wall socket is smarter and connected.

And because it’s truly smart, Smart Switch 6 offers much more than just wireless control.

The Smart Switch 6 has world-class energy monitoring technology built right in. In real-time, Evander can understand how much electricity your devices are using.

Anyone can install the Smart Switch 6. Put Evander into pairing mode, plug the switch into a wall outlet and press the action button on the front. Done.

Understand exactly how much money the devices plugged into Smart Switch 6 are costing you to run, then create a schedule to reduce your electricity bill.

Turn electronics off in the event of an emergency or a hazard. Smart Switch 6 lets you automatically turn off devices, such as leaking air conditioners.

Use Evander to control your appliances via a schedule, and ensure that gaming systems and computers aren’t used when they’re not meant to be.