Aeotec Slimline Door/Window Sensor


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Any door. Any window. Any home.

Is the door opened or closed? What about the window? Have they been opened when they shouldn’t be?

Simple questions. Powerful questions.

Designed to blend into any home and any décor, The Aeotec Door/Window Sensor has been engineered to make your home smarter. Intelligence is what makes the connected home a smart one. Evander will have intelligence about the key doors and windows in your home. It’ll know when they’re open. It’ll know when they’re shut. And it’ll know when they’ve been opened and they shouldn’t be.

This sensor will provide intelligence to 2 of the core tasks that Evander is responsible for: the security and control of your home.

Crafted from ABS plastic, this sensor has been designed to be painted. So whether your door is white or wood, or whether your windows dark aluminum or something more traditional, it can be painted to blend in. There’s finally a security sensor designed to complement your décor.

Amazingly slim.

Traditional security sensors have always been bulky. They’ve been stuck onto doors and windows, and they’ve stuck out over 1 inch. There’s no nice way to say it: they’ve been ugly. The Aeotec Slimeline Door/Window Sensor changes that.

More than 50% thinner than its competition, this device marries form with function. It offers the same, necessary functionality that you need from a security device but it packages it all within a beautifully designed device that is only 9mm deep and 72mm along the edge. It’s what we consider to be subtle security.

Batteries that last.

You want intelligence from a sensor but not to have to change its batteries every few months. Built from technology originally designed for leading smart phones, the batteries last over 1 year on windows and 10 months on frequently used doors. When it needs it, simply remove the sensor from its mounting plate and recharge it over a few hours via USB.

This perfect mix of slim design and strong battery performance is possible because it’s powered by 500mAH batteries and Aeon Labs’ Gen5 technology. That means a strong battery performance is coupled with wireless technology that uses 67% less power to communicate.

Simple to use.
Just as simple to install.

To use it, all you have to do is open the door or the window its attached to. Installation is just as easy.

The sensor has been engineered with 3 parts; a sensor, an invisible mounting bracket and a slim magnetic shard. Each part isn’t only responsible for making the device so powerful, but also for making it so easy to install.

Both the mounting bracket and the magnetic shard can be installed in moments with options including double sided tape, tiny screws and even a dab of glue. Once that’s done, the main sensor simply needs to be connected to Evander, and attached to its mounting plate. In minutes, you’re done.