Aeotec Door Bell (Gen5)


With Evander and Aeotec’s Doorbell, your front door is instantly smarter.


With Evander and the Aeotec Doorbell, your front door is instantly smarter.

Every press of Doorbell’s outdoor button notifies your connected home that someone is at the door, allowing you to receive notifications, a chime in the home, and to activate any devices attached to Evander.

Learn about the Aeotec Doorbell

From outside to in, this doorbell uses ultra-low powered wireless communication. There’s no wiring necessary.

Get smart phone notifications from Evander anywhere in the world.

Hear and see when someone is at your door via the doorbell’s LED light alerts and customisable tones.

Automatically activate devices at your front door such as welcome lights and security cameras.

The Speaker

Wirelessly communicating with the doorbell button, the speaker offers configurable volume and tones and simply plugs into any power outlet. Each speaker module is only 64.8mm wide, 92.3mm high, and 30.8mm deep.

Easy installation: plug in to a power socket.

The speaker comes pre-loaded with 5 chimes.

Upload up to 100 MP3 tones for custom alerts.

Receive visual alerts from LED lights inbuilt into speaker.

Configure the speaker’s volume from 40dB up to 80dB.

Wirelessly communicates with your Z-Wave network.

The Doorbell

With its glass front and LED illuminated push button, the battery powered button sits at your front door and communicates wirelessly with Evander. It is perfectly designed at only 35.2mm in width, 81.3mm in height and 14.5mm in depth.

Battery powered, lasting up to 3 years.

Wireless range of up to 150 metres.

Simply install button with 2 screws or tape.

Receive low battery alerts from Evander.