Aeotec Dimmable LED Light Bulb (RGBW)


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With the Aeotec Dimmable LED Bulb, you’ll be able to wirelessly dim it all the way to 0% or brighten it all the way to 100%. But as a truly smart bulb, Evander will be able to control both LED Bulb’s shade and colour of light to perfectly suit the time of day and the ambiance of your room.

Evander can automatically turn your lights on at a low brightness in the morning. You can also tell Evander to turn the lights on and off randomly when you’re away, to make it look like you’re home. When paired with a motion sensor, Evander can turn the lights on when you enter a room, and turn the lights off when you leave.

The Aeotec Dimmable LED Bulb has been designed to last long — really long. With a lifetime of 50,000 hours, at 8 hours a day, it could last for as long as 45 years. The smart LED bulb is as bright as a 70w bulb, and has been meticulously designed to perfectly illuminate your home.

The Aeotec LED bulb makes up for its cost with yearly energy savings. It allows you to save nearly $40 every year, just by changing your light bulb.

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