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Detect and Prevent Water Leaks

Use our smart home solution to help prevent damage to your insured assets. When a pipe has burst, or if there's a leak in the plumbing, our sensors can instantly react and even terminate the water supply to the home. Evander will even notify you and your third party contractor when a leak has been detected.

Proactive Monitoring

Synergise your connection to emergency services

Time is critical. Evander will immediately notify you of any detection of smoke or fire. Our solution enables you to connect to local emergency services much faster, and helps to reduce, or even prevent damage to a property.

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Net Loss Ratio - Dec 2015

General household insurers’ in Australia earned 1,450 ($m) in premiums, and incurred 983 ($m) in claims during this quarter.*

Net Loss Ratio - Mar 2016

General househould insurers’ in Australia earned 1,384 ($m) in premiums, and incurred 905 ($m) in claims during this quarter.*

Net Loss Ratio - Jun 2016

General household insurers’ in Australia earned 1,423 ($m) in premiums, and incurred 923 ($m) in claims during this quarter.*

Use Cases

Evander helps your business, and your customers.

Stop Water Leaks

Use Evander to detect and prevent water leaks, before a small leak turns into an expensive claim.

React Faster

Immediately connect to emergency services when smoke or fire is detected.

Secure Your Assets

Immediately inform emergency services if a break-in has been detected.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things will impact the insurance industry.

Innovation requires forward thinking. Our technology provides benefits to both your business, and your customers. Evander empowers you to avoid preventable losses, and in turn, reduce the cost of premiums for your customers.

Where Evander Comes in

Actuarial Risk Analysis, 2.0

Our smart home solution allows you to visualise the data in your connected homes. You’ll be able to create a timeline of events when a claim has been made. You can also chat directly in-app to your customers to follow up on an incident, and even send targeted campaigns based on the usage habits of your customer.

Drive Innovation in Your Industry

It's time to innovate what some may call a static industry.
Our platform. Your branding.

* Quarterly General Insurance Performance Statistics. Published by APRA 16 Feb 2017.