• A few API changes to improve battery life on your smart devices
  • We’ve changed the warning message that your phone has no internet connection to something less in your face
  • The siren is now activated for 2 minutes when it’s triggered (it used to be 10 seconds)
  • When launching Evander, you can now logout immediately from the loading screen
  • When launching Evander, you now have more details on the current state of the app
  • When you trigger an on/off switch via the group menu, we’ve added a small indicator to let you know that your request is taking place
  • When logging in, the login button is disabled after the first press (some users were double tapping the login button)
  • We’ve taken out the “Heal Network” button from the settings page. You can now find it under Settings > Advanced Settings
  • We’ve improved the layout for the Advanced Settings page
  • We’ve improved the instructions on resetting a device
  • We’ve fixed a rare bug in the actions menu where you couldn’t save an action if a temperature or dim setting was a consequence of that action
  • Actions with water valves can now be saved
  • We’ve made it easier to heal your network
  • Water valves can now be opened or closed when an action triggers
  • We’ve set the connection timeout period to 15 seconds to prevent the spinning wheel…spinning forever
  • Updated a few things on iOS to make sure push notifications work on the latest iPhone update
  • When a device is included into the network improperly, a warning with recommendations will show up
  • The water valve is accessible as a trigger in the actions menu
  • In actions, motion/no motion is now selectable again after you fix a broken action
  • Fixed the warning message when transitioning from an offline to online hub
  • Fixed the device list being empty after opening the app with no internet connection
  • We updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in the app
  • Fixed a bug where saving a time-triggered action sometimes wouldn’t save
  • Fixed a bug where renaming an action closed the action without saving its new name
  • Fixed a translation mistake within the actions
  • This update is being pushed out immediately after 1.0.2. A few users couldn’t log in.
  • We fixed an issue on the status page where some recent events weren’t being displayed
  • After you reset your password, you’ll be redirected to the login screen
  • We moved ‘Switch mode’ to the ‘See more’ section in the app
  • Integrated the password reset feature
  • Evander will warn you if you’re offline when you launch the app
  • Fixed the spinning wheel when Evander is loading
  • Made it easier to remove a device from your network
v1.0.32 - (update duration: 3 minutes)
  • We’ve reduced the number of times your hub will write to the SD card to improve performance
v1.0.30 - (update duration: 3 minutes)
  • Added support for the Fibaro Door/Window Sensor Gen5
  • Added support for the Vision Outdoor Siren
  • We’ve prevented device inclusion from timing out before the hub is even ready for inclusion. The timeout period now begins when the hub is actually in inclusion mode
  • We’ve made improvements to how your hub announces that an unknown device has been excluded from the network
v1.0.29 - (update duration: 3 minutes)
  • Our support staff can now remotely troubleshoot issues with your hub and network
  • We’ve fixed how the hub handles a missing Z-Wave controller on startup
  • We’ve improved the way your hub handles internal errors (this one’s mostly for our support staff)
v1.0.28 - (update duration: 3 minutes)
  • There was a known bug that can break device inclusion if you boot your hub without the Z-Wave controller
  • We’ve upgraded the storage engine on the hub. Big performance improvements and reduced storage
  • We’ve stopped the Aeotec Smart Switch 6 from reporting minor changes in power consumption to your hub
  • Stopped the Aeotec Smart Switch 6 from reappearing in your devices after you’ve removed it
  • We’ve made improvements on how your hub includes and excludes devices from your network
v1.0.26 - (update duration: 3 minutes)
  • Added support for the Fibaro Flood Sensor Gen5 (FGFS-101 v.3.2)
  • Added support for the Fibaro Multi Sensor Gen5 (FGMS-001 v.3.2)
  • Add default configurations for Fibaro Multi Sensor, Fibaro In-wall Switch & the Fibaro Wall Plug
v1.0.25 - (update duration: 3 minutes)
  • Updated mDNS library to improve performance for those with a Dynamic IP address
  • Filter mDNS library’s log output to prevent it from degrading performance of your hub
v1.0.24 - (update duration: 3 minutes)
  • We’ve cut back on how much device history your hub should log in order to improve on performance
v1.0.23 - (update duration: 3 minutes)
v1.0.21 - (update duration: 3 minutes)
  • Improved the performance of the hub and decreased space usage
  • Improved the way your hub interacts with the Remotec AC Controller
v1.0.20 - (update duration: 1 minute)
  • The hub now does a soft-reset of the Z-Wave controller on startup
v1.0.19 - Major update (update duration: 3 minutes)
  • Fixed a bug that could stall your hub when you pair a new device
  • Fixed the temperature reading of the Fibaro sensor
  • Fixed the connection issues that we identified in 1.0.4
v1.04 (update duration: 2 minutes)
  • Improved how we get the exact current time and date from the hub
  • Fixed a bug where adding a device incorrectly to your hub would cause the hub to stall and stay in inclusion mode
  • Known bug: The connection to our servers from the hub can sometimes be dropped if your hub takes too long to respond
  • Known bug: There is a rare bug that can cause delays when sending messages to a sensor
v1.03 (update duration: 2 minutes)
  • Fixed a bug where removing a device from your network did not remove its associated triggers and actions
v1.02 (update duration: 3 minutes)
  • Fixed a rare bug where the hub would stop sending any commands. This would sometimes happen when a sensor would report itself to the hub, while the hub was communicating with another sensor at the same time
  • Fixed a rare bug where the hub would stop sending any commands. This would sometimes happen when a sensor or door lock stopped responding during the security handshake
  • Improved the way we shut down the hub before rebooting it (we need to do this when we push out an update to your hub)
  • Improved the speed of the hub, by handling all data queries separately
  • We fixed a bug where the hub would upload log files twice
v1.01 (update duration: 3 minutes)
  • We’ve made improvements to how the hub deals with the Aeotec Micro Smart Switch (specifically, how often we should read the wattage information from it)
  • Improved camera rediscovery when your IP address changes
  • Improved maintainability of Z-Wave device handling (basically, improved the speed of the hub which, in turn, improves the speed for you in the app)
v1.00 (update duration: 3 minutes)
  • Fixed an issue where the hub wouldn’t trigger an action that had a low severity
  • Previously, power plugs would constantly report their wattage to the hub. To reduce load and make things faster, power plugs now only report when there is a change of at least 1W or 1%
  • The hub is now better at detecting changes to the IP addresses of your cameras
  • We’ve improved how the hub records the new IP address of your cameras