Home Automation by Evander

The solution to the Smart Home in Australia


Wireless motion sensors, smart door locks and cameras help you keep an eye on your home even when you’re away.

Climate Control

Evander can help reduce your electricity bill by turning on your air-conditioner only when it’s needed.

Power & Lighting

Automatically turn on your lights and appliances when you arrive home after a long day at work.

Supported hardware manufacturers

You can use your Evander Hub with a large range of smart home devices. We're always integrating new hardware, so keep an eye out on this list.

See how Evander can help you

Secure your Home

Night vision cameras help you stay informed of activity around your home.

Save on Electricity

Evander can turn on your AC only when its needed, keeping you cool when it matters.

Check in on Family

Use a sensor to make sure your grandmother has taken her medicine. Or, check in on the babysitter and the kids.

Protect your Assets

Evander can automatically turn off your water supply when there’s a leak — potentially saving you thousands in repairs.
We built Evander from the ground up with Property developers & service providers in mind

Tailored solutions powered by Evander.

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